Travel to Lefkoniko – The Natural Beauty of Santorini Island

My trip to Lefkoniko was an unforgettable experience. This small island lies in the Aegean Sea, just off the coast of Kusadasi, Turkey. Lefkoniko is a resort in the same region as Kusadasi and is also one of the most popular ones in this region. If you visit Lefkoniko this summer you can also go to the nearby Pirin Mountain and see the impressive Paphos ski resort.

Trip to Lefkoniko

The first thing that I noticed about Lefkoniko was the large expanse of white sand on its beaches. Most visitors are surprised by the island’s white color, but it is actually a result of the sea washing away much of the black sands that usually accumulate in the Mediterranean. Lefkoniko is an island surrounded by deep blue waters, which makes it ideal for scuba divers. You can visit the underwater museum at the center of the island and learn more about the life under the sea.

As you travel through Lefkoniko, don’t be surprised if you encounter a variety of seals lounging on the shore. It is part of their mating ritual, and you may even come face-to-face with a bear! When you’re done exploring the seascape, take a walk on the beautiful Akrotiri hill. The white-tipped mountains are a sight to behold.

Once you’re done taking in the beauty of the island, prepare for your trip to the shops. Lefkoniko is known as an online shopping paradise, so don’t forget your credit cards when shopping. I spent nearly $300 on a pair of sandals from this shop alone. Don’t be embarrassed; many other travelers have also spent this much money! Just remember to bring enough cash to cover your purchases.

When it comes to traveling, the best part of a trip to Lefkoniko is the shopping opportunities. There are always fresh new finds. Try something new: clothes, shoes, or souvenirs. I’ve seen everything at these places.

If you’re heading to Lefkoniko, then consider taking a trip to Akrotiri. I highly recommend it. This island is one of the most stunning I have ever seen. Akrotiri is smaller than most of the other islands in Lefkoniko, but the scenery is incomparable. Plan to spend a day or more at Akrotiri to truly appreciate the difference.

Another great destination to consider when planning a trip to Lefkoniko is the uninhabited island of Kos. This island is almost completely unspoiled. It is a perfect place to spend an entire week with no disturbances from tourists. I suggest you go during the springtime.

A trip to Lefkoniko will change your traveling experience. Your entire perspective on traveling will change. For some, their first trip to Greece will be the trip to remember. For others, it will change into a trip to experience the beauty and serenity of a truly foreign land.