Trip to Akrotiri, Cyprus – Great Accommodation Options

The ancient and historic town of Akrotiri in Cyprus is a must see if you are visiting the island. This beautiful resort is only 2 hours from Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus and has many advantages for a short stay on the Island. It’s easy access makes it convenient to get to the rest of the major tourist attractions on the island or to the rest of the world.

Trip to Akrotiri

The resort is situated on the west coast of Cyprus in the region of Gokova, just east of Larnaca. The resort is very picturesque with the backdrop of rugged mountains, rising far into the horizon. There is some lovely beach and ocean side resorts as well as a busy marina and fishing harbor. There is a variety of accommodation available from hotels to dorms and self-catering apartments to cater for all budgets.

Akrotiri is a wonderful getaway when you are in Cyprus and there is so much to see and do. You can explore the historical ruins of this ancient town, which have been left virtually untouched despite the passing of many years. Many of the old monuments have fallen into ruin but there are still many interesting artifacts to be found. This is also a great chance to visit the deserted monasteries during your trip to Akrotiri.

Once you have explored the historical area, you will find that there are many wonderful beaches and resorts to enjoy. One of the most popular is Koukounaries, a small secluded beach on the western coast of Cyprus. It is deserted and remains hidden in the mountain on the far side of the island. You can stay in one of the many wonderful hotels that dot the seashore. Akrotiri is also famous for its many water sports and activities including parasailing, windsurfing, catamaranning, canoeing, boating and jet skiing. There are many clubs and other social organisations based near the resort area too.

Your trip to Akrotiri is going to be filled with plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. There are two large shopping malls with plenty of independent stores scattered around the main resort area. There are many small restaurants that offer local cuisine and you can choose to dine out or have a sit down meal at one of the charming little quaint restaurants dotted along the coast. There are many places to enjoy a night out on the town as well. If you prefer to travel to a quieter spot, try Yarmouk, where the cafes and restaurants close down for the night. There is always something going on in Yarmouk and you should make the most out of your time there.

When planning your trip to Akrotiri, you should consider hiring a car and driver for the journey. The price of hiring a car is quite reasonable when compared with other resorts in Cyprus and you will find that it makes the trip a lot more manageable. Remember to take your passport and all necessary vaccinations when travelling to any new country. There are also plenty of cheap accommodation options available, so no matter what your budget, you should find accommodation to suit you. You will have plenty of choice when you go abroad to Akrotiri and so be sure to take some time to explore all that Cyprus has to offer you.