Cheap Flights to Jeddah – How to Visit Jeddah Cheaply

Jeddah city

Cheap Flights to Jeddah – How to Visit Jeddah Cheaply

The Jeddah International Airport, which is also the fourth busiest airport in the world and the largest airport in all Arab nations, is a busy airport for international flights. This means that it is usually the most expensive time for any visitor to travel to Jeddah. Cheap flights to Jeddah are difficult to find at this time of year because of the peak season. In summer, Jeddah gets crowded quickly between its two major seasons, so it is best to take a trip during the off season to experience the real Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, at its finest.


The most famous landmark of Jeddah is undoubtedly the Al-Balad mosque, known by most visitors as the ‘Red Fort’. Situated in the centre of Jeddah, the Al-Balad is one of the earliest buildings in Jeddah and is also home to the Royal Sheikh Zayed mosque. Built in the twelfth century, the Al-Balad is a splendid structure and is the subject of numerous museums including the Al-Balad Museum. Despite its imposing appearance, it is surprisingly modest and Jeddah has a bustling nightlife despite the presence of its Red Fort.

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Next on our list of places to see in Jeddah is the ancient Royal fortress. Once the capital of the kingdom of Majleba (the same as modern day Jeddah), the fortress was built during the Safavid period of Islam. It is located in the centre of Jeddah and it is frequented today by both local people and tourists interested in the rich history of Jeddah. Cheap flights to Jeddah are difficult to find at this time of year, but a trip to the Majleba citadel during the spring is the ideal way to experience the true royal wealth of Jeddah.


The third and final place, we have to mention is the Ancient University. Founded in the twelfth century, it is one of the oldest colleges in the world. Situated in the centre of Jeddah, its grand structure attracts hundreds of historians and students every day. Although it is one of the most expensive places to catch a flight to Jeddah, its cheap flights and accommodation packages make it an affordable holiday destination for many. It is also worth noting that despite being one of the oldest universities in the world, the modern university does not offer international degrees due to security issues.


A four-hour flight from Jeddah will land you at Jeddah’s busiest airport, which is King Faisal Air, a busy Middle Eastern hub. However, it is worth noting that the cheapest time to fly to Jeddah is during the spring as this is the school year. There are always low season discounts available, which means you can save a lot of money on your annual trip to the city. The summer months from April to June are the busiest times of the year when it comes to flights to Jeddah so if you are interested in grabbing the very best deals during these months, make sure you book your flight much in advance.


As we mentioned during the introduction, there are many different ways to travel to Jeddah, so it is highly likely that you would not have found all the information you needed here. In that case, you should consider using one of the travel services websites to find the cheapest flights to Jeddah you possibly can. Just remember to keep your priorities in mind when choosing a service provider. Whilst you should certainly think about price and convenience, it is still important to look for a company who will be able to get you to your final destination with the minimum amount of hassle and stress.